Technical Program and Meetings

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Session Code Explanation
Code D - TT . N M
Explanation Day - Track . Ordinal Time
Possible Values MO TU WE TH FR
(Add P for
Interactive Forum)
- A1-A5: AP-S Tracks
UA-UK: URSI Commissions
SP: Joint Special Sessions
. 1-5 A: Morning
P: Afternoon
Sample MO - A5 . 2 A
Monday - AP-S Track 5 . 2nd Session AM (Morning)
Monday, June 27
07:00 - 08:00
Meeting: APS Transactions Editors' Breakfast Magnolia Ballroom
08:00 - 11:40
Special Session: MO-SP.1A: Antenna Design/Analysis based on Stored Energy and Characteristic Modes Grand Atlantic Salon I
Special Session: MO-SP.2A: Directive Antennas at THz and Optical Frequencies Grand Atlantic Salon II
MO-UB.1A: Metamaterials: Theoretical Studies and Novel Designs Grand Atlantic Salon III
MO-A1.1A: Microstrip Antennas I Grand Caribbean Salon I-II
MO-UB.2A: Antenna Arrays I Culebra
MO-A5.1A: MIMO Antenna Systems Vieques
MO-A1.2A: Leaky-Wave Antennas Icaco
MO-A2.1A: Metasurfaces for Antenna Applications Palominito
MO-A5.2A: Vehicular Antennas and Applications Palmas
MO-A1.3A: Dielectric Resonator Antennas Ceiba
MO-A5.3A: Wireless Power Transfer Antennas Siete Mares
MO-A1.4A: Matching and Antenna Feeds Grand Caribbean Salon VI
MO-A1.5A: Design and Applications of Multiband Antennas Grand Caribbean Salon III
08:00 - 09:40
MO-A3.1A: Domain Decomposition Methods for Integral Equations Grand Caribbean Salon VII-VIII
MO-A4.1A: Radar-Based Imaging Techniques and Applications Las Croabas
10:00 - 11:40
MO-A3.2A: Hybrid Methods in Computational Electromagnetics Grand Caribbean Salon VII-VIII
MO-UC.1A: Emerging Applications of Radar and Sensing Systems Las Croabas
12:15 - 13:15
Plenary: The Arecibo Observatory Presents Dr. Joan T. Schmelz Pablo Casals Ballroom
13:20 - 17:00
Special Session: MO-SP.1P: Multiscale Multiphysics Computational Techniques and Applications Grand Atlantic Salon I
Special Session: MO-SP.2P: Terahertz Antennas, Interconnects and Systems Grand Atlantic Salon II
MO-A2.1P: Metamaterial-Inspired Antennas Grand Atlantic Salon III
MO-A1.1P: Microstrip Antennas II Grand Caribbean Salon I-II
MO-A3.1P: Accurate Discretizations of Integral Equations Grand Caribbean Salon VII-VIII
MO-A5.1P: MIMO Implementations and System Measurements Vieques
MO-A2.2P: Fabry-Perot Resonant Cavity Antennas I Icaco
MO-A2.3P: Advances in Metasurfaces Palominito
MO-A1.3P: mm-Wave Antennas Ceiba
MO-UC.1P: Advances in Radar and Localization Systems Las Croabas
MO-A1.4P: Characteristic Modes and Stored Energy Grand Caribbean Salon VI
13:20 - 15:00
MO-UB.1P: Antenna Arrays II Culebra
MO-UJ.1P: Applications in Modern Radio Astronomy Palmas
MO-A5.2P: Wireless Power Transfer Circuits and Applications Siete Mares
MO-UB.2P: Wideband and Multiband Antennas Grand Caribbean Salon III
14:40 - 16:40
MOP-A1.1P: Electrically Small Antennas: Enhancement Considerations Poster Area A
MOP-A1.2P: Small Antennas for Applications Poster Area B
MOP-A1.3P: Broadband Antennas for MIMO Systems Poster Area C
MOP-A1.4P: Omnidirectional Brodband/Ultra-Wideband Antennas I Poster Area D
MOP-A1.5P: Omnidirectional Brodband/Ultra-Wideband Antennas II Poster Area E
MOP-A1.6P: Slot Based Broadband/Ultra-Wideband Antennas Poster Area F
MOP-A1.7P: Travelling Wave Ultra-wideband Antennas Poster Area G
MOP-A1.8P: Directional Ultra-wideband Antennas Poster Area H
MOP-A1.9P: Antennas for Ultra-wideband Applications Poster Area I
15:20 - 17:00
MO-A1.2P: Wideband Phased Arrays Culebra
MO-A2.3P: Electromagnetic Education Palmas
MO-A1.5P: Compact Multiband Antennas for Wireless Devices Grand Caribbean Salon III
17:00 - 18:00
Meeting: URSI Commission B Grand Caribbean Salon III
Meeting: URSI Commission C Grand Caribbean Salon VI
Meeting: URSI Commission F Grand Caribbean Salon I/II
18:30 - 20:30
Social: Welcome Reception El Conquistador
Tuesday, June 28
07:00 - 08:00
Social: Amateur Radio Breakfast Poinsettia A
Meeting: APS 2017 Committee Breakfast Las Brisas Restaurant
Meeting: Magazine Staff Breakfast Magnolia Ballroom
08:00 - 11:40
Special Session: TU-SP.1A: More than Wearables - Progress on Skin Antennas and Sensors Grand Atlantic Salon I
Special Session: TU-SP.2A: 3D Printed Antennas Grand Atlantic Salon II
TU-A2.1A: Design and Applications of Metamaterials I Grand Atlantic Salon III
TU-A1.1A: Microstrip Antennas III Grand Caribbean Salon I-II
TU-UB.1A: Integral-Equation Basis Functions and Singularity Treatments Grand Caribbean Salon VII-VIII
TU-A2.4A: Plasmonics and Nanoantennas Palominito
TU.A3-1A: Optimization Methods in EM Designs Palmas
TU-A5.2A: Circularly-Polarized mm-Wave Antennas Ceiba
TU-A5.3A: Energy Harvesting Antennas Siete Mares
TU-A3.2A: Multiphysics Techniques and Applications Las Croabas
TU-A1.4A: Reconfigurable Antenna Arrays Grand Caribbean Salon VI
TU-UB.2A: Imaging and Inverse Scattering: From Extremely Low Frequencies to Near Infrared Grand Caribbean Salon III
08:00 - 09:40
TU-A1.2A: Phased-Array based on Patch Antennas Culebra
TU-A5.1A: Antenna Design for MIMO Applications Vieques
TU-A2.2A: Fabry-Perot Resonant Cavity Antennas II Icaco
08:00 - 08:30
Student Design Contest (Set Up - Closed to others) Grand Caribbean Foyer East
08:00 - 11:40
Student Paper Competition Interactive Forum Grand Caribbean Foyer East
08:30 - 09:40
Student Design Contest (Demo for Judges - Closed to others) Grand Caribbean Foyer East
09:40 - 12:00
Student Design Contest (Demo for public) Grand Caribbean Foyer East
10:00 - 11:40
TU-A1.3A: Wide-Angle Scanning Phased Arrays Culebra
TU-UE.1A: High-Power Electromagnetics and Effects on Systems Vieques
TU-A2.3A: Frequency-Selective Surfaces I Icaco
12:00 - 14:00
Meeting: APS Propagation Standards Committee Magnolia Ballroom
12:00 - 13:20
Social: Reviewers' Lunch Pablo Casals Ballroom
12:00 - 13:00
Meeting: Student Design Contest (Luncheon for judges and teams) Poinsettia A
Meeting: Student Paper Judges Committee Lunch Poinsettia A
13:00 - 16:00
Student Design Contest (Demo for public) Grand Caribbean Foyer East
13:20 - 17:00
Special Session: TU-SP.1P: The History of AP-S: Significant Achievements in Antenna Design, Analysis and Education Grand Atlantic Salon I
Special Session: TU-SP.2P: 4D Arrays as Enabling Technology for Future Wireless Systems Grand Atlantic Salon II
TU-A2.1P: Design and Applications of Metamaterials II Grand Atlantic Salon III
TU-A1.1P: Microstrip Antennas IV Grand Caribbean Salon I-II
TU-A3.1P: Advances in Integral Equation Formulations Grand Caribbean Salon VII-VIII
TU-A1.2P: Phased-Array Synthesis Culebra
TU-UB.1P: Wireless Communications, Sensors and RFIDs Vieques
TU-UB.2P: Frequency Selective Surfaces II Icaco
TU-UB.3P: Nanoscale Electromagnetics Palominito
TU-A5.1P: Millimeter-Wave Beam Forming Ceiba
TU-A5.2P: 3D and Inkjet Printed Antennas Siete Mares
TU-UB.4P: Multiphysics and Multiscale Methods and Computations Las Croabas
TU-A1.3P: Frequency Reconfigurable Antennas Grand Caribbean Salon VI
TU-A4.1P: Microwave Imaging and Inverse Scattering Problems Grand Caribbean Salon III
13:20 - 15:00
TU-A3.2P: Optimization Methods in EM Designs II Palmas
14:40 - 16:40
TUP-A1.1P: Antenna Theory I Poster Area A
TUP-A1.2P: Antenna Theory II Poster Area B
TUP-UB.1P: Propagation Phenomena and Effects Poster Area C
TUP-A2.1P: High-impedance and Artifcial Magnetic Surfaces for Antenna Applications Poster Area D
TUP-A1.1P: Advances in Complex Antenna Systems and Applications Poster Area E
TUP-A2.3P: Metamaterials for Microwave Applications: Lenses, Sensors and Guided-Wave Structures Poster Area F
TUP-A2.4P: Topics in Coupling and Interference Poster Area G
TUP-UB.2P: Active and Passive Antenna Matching Poster Area H
TUP-UB.3P: Antenna Theory and Design Poster Area I
TUP-A2.2P: Effective Medium Approaches: Theory and Experiment Poster Area J
15:20 - 17:00
TU-UK.1P: Human Body Interactions with Antennas and Other EM Devices Palmas
16:00 - 17:00
Meeting: Future Symposia Meeting Magnolia Ballroom
17:00 - 18:00
Meeting: URSI Commission A Grand Caribbean Salon III
Meeting: URSI Commission E Grand Caribbean Salon I/II
Meeting: URSI Commission K Grand Caribbean Salon VI
18:30 - 21:30
Social: Young Professionals’ Beach Barbecue Palomino Island
Wednesday, June 29
08:00 - 11:40
WE-A1.3A: Milestones in Antennas and Propagation Pablo Casals Ballroom
Special Session: WE-SP.1A: Advances in Non-Diffractive Waves Grand Atlantic Salon I
Special Session: WE-SP.2A: Electromagnetics, RF and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology Grand Atlantic Salon II
WE-A1.1A: Microstrip Antenna Arrays Grand Caribbean Salon I-II
WE-UB.2A: Fast Direct and Iterative Integral-Equation Solvers Grand Caribbean Salon VII-VIII
WE-A1.2A: Phased-Array limitations and design considerations Culebra
WE-A5.1A: RFID Antenna Design and Applications Vieques
WE-A2.2A: Frequency-Selective Surfaces III Icaco
WE-A2.3A: Nanoelectromagnetics Palominito
WE-UB.3A: Millimeter and THz Antennas Ceiba
WE-A4.1A: Compressed Sensing, Sparsity and Frequency-Domain Approaches in Microwave Imaging Grand Caribbean Salon III
08:00 - 09:40
WE-A2.1A: Advances in Cloaking Grand Atlantic Salon III
WE-A5.2A: Wearable Technologies and On-Body Communications Palmas
WE-UB.4A: Preconditioners and Acceleration Techniques Las Croabas
WE-UB.5A: Reconfigurable Antennas and STAR Systems Grand Caribbean Salon VI
10:00 - 11:40
WE-UB.1A: Theory, Applications and Phenomena of Complex Media Grand Atlantic Salon III
WE-A5.3A: Implantable Sensors Palmas
WE-UB.5A: Time-Domain IE and PDE Methods Las Croabas
WE-A1.4A: Novel Materials for Reconfigurable Antennas Grand Caribbean Salon VI
12:00 - 13:20
Meeting: AWPL Editors Lunch Magnolia Ballroom
12:00 - 13:00
Social: Women in Engineering Lunch and Speaker Poinsettia Ballroom
13:00 - 15:00
Short Course: SC-Q1: Antenna Design with Characteristic Modes Poinsettia C
13:20 - 17:00
Special Session: WE-SP.1P: Computational Imaging at Microwave, MMW and THz Frequencies Pablo Casals Ballroom
Special Session: WE-SP.2P: Memorial Session for Prof. Paul E. Mayes Grand Atlantic Salon II
WE-A2.1P: Topics on Metamaterials and Metasurfaces Grand Atlantic Salon III
WE-A1.1P: Microstrip Antenna Circuits Grand Caribbean Salon I-II
WE-A3.1P: Advances in Finite Element-Based Methods Grand Caribbean Salon VII-VIII
WE-A1.2P: Phased-Array Feeding Network Culebra
WE-UB.1P: Scattering and Diffraction Icaco
WE-UD.1P: Nonlinear, Nonuniform and Artificial Circuits and Materials Palominito
WE-A5.3P: Biomedical Applications of Antennas Palmas
WE-A5.4P: High Frequency Antennas and Devices Ceiba
WE-A1.3P: Reflectarrays Siete Mares
WE-A1.4P: SIW structures Las Croabas
WE-A4.1P: Wave Propagation in Terrestrial, Oceanic and Atmospheric Environments Grand Caribbean Salon III
13:20 - 15:00
WE-A5.1P: RFID-based Localization Techniques Vieques
WE-A1.5P: Systems and Applications of Reconfigurable Antenna Grand Caribbean Salon VI
14:40 - 16:40
WEP-A3.3P: Parallel and Special-processor Based Numerical Methods Poster Area A
WEP-A4.4P: Novel Sensors and Sensing Methods Poster Area A
WEP-A3.1P: Finite Difference Methods Poster Area B
WEP-A4.3P: Advanced Remote Sensing and Radar Techniques and Applications Poster Area C
WEP-UA.3P: Measurement of Materials and Devices Poster Area D
WEP-A4.1P: Propagation in Various Environments Poster Area E
WEP-UA.1P: Analysis and Design of Novel Antennas Poster Area F
WEP-UA.2P: Antenna Feed Techniques Poster Area F
WEP-A3.2P: Techniques for Transient Simulations Poster Area G
THP-UF.1P: Models for Remote Sensing in Random and Complex Media Poster Area H
WEP-A4.2P: Scattering in Complex Media Poster Area I
THP-UF.4P: Remote Sensing Topics Poster Area J
15:00 - 17:00
Short Course: SC-Q2: Mindfulness Practices for Engineers and Scientists Poinsettia C
15:20 - 17:00
WE-A5.2P: Wireless RFID Sensors Vieques
WE-A1.6P: Pattern Reconfigurable Antennas with Parasitic Elements Grand Caribbean Salon VI
17:30 - 18:45
Social: Awards Presentation Grand Atlantic Salon II
18:45 - 21:45
Social: Celebratory Banquet Grand Atlantic Salon I
Thursday, June 30
08:00 - 11:40
Special Session: TH-SP.1A: Grand Challenges in Computational Electromagnetics for the Next Decade Grand Atlantic Salon I
Special Session: TH-SP.2A: Industrial Applications of Metamaterials Grand Atlantic Salon II
TH-UB.1A: Emerging Metasurfaces Grand Atlantic Salon III
TH-A3.1A: Integral Equation Solvers for Advanced Applications Grand Caribbean Salon VII-VIII
TH-A1.3A: Waveguide and Horn Antenna Feeds Culebra
TH-A1.4A: Reflector and Lens Antennas Palominito
TH-A1.5A: Reflectarray Design and Synthesis Siete Mares
TH-A4.2A: Wave Propagation in Indoor Environment Grand Caribbean Salon III
08:00 - 09:40
TH-A1.1A: Slot Antennas Grand Caribbean Salon I-II
TH-UC.1A: Enabling Technologies for Communication and Sensing Vieques
TH-A4.1A: Scattering, Diffraction and RCS Icaco
TH-A5.2A: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Palmas
TH-A5.4A: Millimeter-wave and THz Leaky Wave Antennas Ceiba
TH-UB.2A: Novel Integral-Equation and MoM Formulations Las Croabas
TH-A1.6A: Design and Development of Reconfigurable Antennas Grand Caribbean Salon VI
09:00 - 10:00
Meeting: AP History Committee Magnolia Ballroom
10:00 - 11:40
TH-A1.2A: Slot Arrays Grand Caribbean Salon I-II
TH-UK.1A: Electromagnetic Imaging and Sensing Vieques
TH-A5.1A: Near Field Communication (NFC) technology Icaco
TH-A5.3A: Biomedical Microwave Imaging Palmas
TH-A5.5A: High-gain mm-Wave Antennas Ceiba
TH-A3.2A: High Frequency and Asymptotic Methods Las Croabas
TH-A1.7A: Reconfigurable Antennas for Adaptive and Mobile Systems Grand Caribbean Salon VI
11:30 - 13:00
Meeting: APS Fellows Committee Lunch Gardenia
12:00 - 13:30
Meeting: Chapter Chairs Luncheon Poinsettia Ballroom
12:00 - 13:00
Meeting: Education Committee Lunch Magnolia Ballroom
Meeting: IEEE Press Liaison Lunch Violeta
12:15 - 13:15
Plenary: Lunchtime Panel Discussion Grand Atlantic Salon II
13:00 - 17:00
Short Course: SC-H1: Multibeam Antennas and Beamforming Networks Flamboyan B
Short Course: SC-H3: Timed arrays Boardroom 1
Short Course: SC-H6: Wearable Antennas Flamboyan A
13:20 - 17:00
Special Session: TH-SP.1P: Novel Paradigms, Challenges and Perspectives in Wave Scattering and Propagation Grand Atlantic Salon I
Special Session: TH-SP.2P: CubeSat and Small Satellite Antennas Grand Atlantic Salon II
TH-A3.1P: Fast and Stable Integral Equation Solvers Grand Caribbean Salon VII-VIII
TH-A1.3P: Multiport, Array and Broadband Feeds Culebra
TH-UB.3P: Domain-Decomposition and Discontinuous-Galerkin Methods Vieques
TH-A2.1P: Topics in Waveguides, Graded Index Media and Scattering Icaco
TH-A5.2P: Planar mm-Wave Antennas Ceiba
TH-A1.6P: Pattern and Polarization Reconfigurable Antennas Grand Caribbean Salon VI
TH-A4.1P: Wave Propagation in Urban and Traffic Environments Grand Caribbean Salon III
13:20 - 15:00
TH-UB.1P: Metasurfaces: Analysis and Design Grand Atlantic Salon III
TH-A1.1P: Horn and Rod Antennas Grand Caribbean Salon I-II
TH-A1.4P: Reflector Antennas Palominito
TH-A5.1P: Dosimetry for Electromagnetic Field Exposures Palmas
TH-A5.3P: Software-defined and Cognitive Radios Siete Mares
TH-UB.5P: Advances in FDTD Modeling and Applications Las Croabas
14:40 - 16:40
THP-A5.1P: Ultra Wideband Systems Poster Area A
THP-A1.1P: Adaptive, Active and Smart Antennas I Poster Area B
THP-A1.2P: Adaptive, Active and Smart Antennas II Poster Area C
THP-A5.2P: Novel Antennas for Mobile Devices Poster Area D
THP-A1.3P: Mutual Coupling in Antenna Arrays Poster Area E
THP-UF.2P: RF Propagation Supported by Numerical Weather Prediction Models Poster Area F
THP-UF.3P: RF Propagation Modeling Poster Area G
THP-UF.5P: Propagation Measurements Poster Area H
THP-UF.6P: RF Propagation in Complex and Urban Environments Poster Area I
15:20 - 17:00
TH-UB.2P: Analysis and Design of Novel Metamaterial-Based Circuits Grand Atlantic Salon III
TH-A1.2P: Novel Aperture Antennas Grand Caribbean Salon I-II
TH-UB.4P: Numerical Modeling of Reflector Antennas and Reflectarrays Palominito
TH-UK.1P: Electromagentics for Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Applications Palmas
TH-A1.5P: Power Dividers and Circulators Siete Mares
18:00 - 21:00
Meeting: MGA Committee & Future Directions Dinner Meeting Magnolia Ballroom
Friday, July 1
08:00 - 17:00
Short Course: SC-F1: Base Station Antennas for Mobile Communications Grand Caribbean Salon I
Short Course: SC-F2: Advanced Preconditioning Techniques for Computational EM Grand Caribbean Salon II
Short Course: SC-F3: Reflector Antenna Design and Analysis Grand Caribbean Salon III
08:00 - 12:00
Short Course: SC-H7: Natural and Metamaterial Tilted-beam Antennas Culebra A
Short Course: SC-H8: Computational Techniques for Antenna Placement and RCS Culebra B
Short Course: SC-H9: Small Printed Antennas Vieques A
Short Course: SC-H10: Ultra-broadband Terahertz Communications Vieques B
Short Course: SC-H11: Ultra Wideband Phased Arrays and Transceivers Icaco A
Short Course: SC-H13: Reflectarray Antennas: Theory, Designs, and Applications Icaco B
13:00 - 17:00
Short Course: SC-H2: Surface EM in Antenna Engineering: From EBG to meta-surface and beyond Culebra B
Short Course: SC-H14: Metamaterial Cloaking in Antenna Systems Culebra A

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